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The first point I noticed the book review was trying to make was that animals play in an important role in the novel. He starts of by stating that other books reviews had a general consensus that the humans in the novel were android like, but he contradicts that by saying that the humans reconnected with nature as having animals be an important role in the book. Right away I know who exactly his audience will be. His audience will not only be people who wanted to read a book review but other authors who have previously written a book review about the book. She wanted to challenge other book reviews and contradict others opinions about the book. Another interesting point Sherrly Vint, the author of the book review, states is the treatment of androids and how they are exploited from the real world just like how animals and slaves were treated. Sherrly also challenges the idea of what exactly does it mean to be human and the “ambiguities of what it means to be human.” One way we can differ from a human and android, Sherrly says, is that when violence is used humans think before the act and androids just act and don’t think before using violence.  Another point Sherrly states is that Deckard realizes the animals give someone a sense of salvation, but he does not know how to interact with the animals and learn to love them. In order to be a true human one must feel love and must care for another living thing. The last and most important part of the book review is when Sherrly talks about the scene when Deckard finds the toad. When Deckard finds the toad he is very excited because the toad is real and was excited to take it back to Iran. However, Iran tells Deckard it is electric, even though it was fake, it shouldn’t matter because all that matters is “how we ethically treat the other.” I think that is the most important point the book is trying to point out that no matter if its fake or real we should treat it ethically right.

If you want to read the actual Book review follow this link:


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