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About Joseph Lopez

Hello my name is Joseph Lopez and I am from the suburbs of Los Angeles. I am currently attending Chapman University in Orange, California. As many of you have noticed my blog is about current environmental issues. As part of my High School career I took AP Environmental Science and as part of our Environmental Science class we were required to go to a camping trip as a class. The camping trip at first was amazing the scenery was beautiful and words could not describe how gorgeous the forest and canyons were.  However, as part of our trip our teacher took us to a part of the forest where an oil refinery was near. It was sad on how the forest was devastated, the trees were dead the leaves were brown and there was no sign of grass growing. The oil refinery was dumping their waste on the forest and killing the forest little by little. As I was walking back to the camp site I felt like I was dying a little more just like the forest was dying. This blog is so people can realize how the environment is being affected by humans just like the oil refinery by the forest.


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