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Wind Energy is the way to Go!
December 10, 2010, 9:09 pm
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Everyone knows what happened with the BP oil spill and it would have never happened if America was so addicted to oil. This cartoon made me pro wind energy even more. Wind energy would never cause the damage the BP oil spill did. Many however are still against wind energy. Yes, wind energy is a little expensive but the price of wind turbines is going down every year. Yes, wind turbines are quite noisy but the wind turbines wouldn’t be around neighborhoods. The only way wind turbines would increase noise pollution is if you lived a few hundred meters away but I don’t think anyone will live next to wind turbines. Yes, wind is unreliable and unpredictable but what other renewable energy source is as efficient as wind energy. For example, solar energy installation requires a large area for the system to be efficient in providing a source of electricity. Also, geothermal energy has low number of suitable locations for a power plant and will not be able to provide enough energy for the entire united states population. And finally nuclear energy is too risky. Nuclear energy can have catastrophic  effects if there were an accident to occur. We wouldn’t want another Chernobyl disaster because of a nuclear power plant accident. Wind energy is the safest and most reliable of all the renewable energy sources. Wind energy would never cause any catastrophic disasters and that is why wind energy is the best of all renewable energy sources.


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What about hydro-power? I’ve heard that there are generators that are nearly exactly the same as these wind turbines, only they use water waves to spin instead of wind, generating a bunch of power. I think we’re going to find the best and most efficient sources of power along the coast- such as what you said, with wind turbines, as it can get really windy next to the ocean.

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