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Controversey: Non-renewable energy sources
December 9, 2010, 9:01 pm
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As we know America is addicted to oil. We are dependent on coal and oil. Both coal and oil emissions release carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming. Every time we drive our cars we are contributing to global warming. Americans have to find a new way of energy. The best nonrenewable source of energy is wind energy. Wind energy is a great source of energy because it does not contribute to global warming and also does not generate pollution.  Wind Energy is also a more permanent type of energy. The wind will exist till the time the sun exists, which is roughly another four billion years. One of the early problems with wind energy was that it was kind of expensive but since the eighties the price of wind energy has gone down by at least eighty percent. Wind energy is the best kind of energy because wind is everywhere, we can place wind turbines where there is a lot of wind and create a lot of energy.  Wind energy can also be the answer to the globe’s question of energy in the face of the rising petroleum and gas prices. The only way we as citizens can help right now is to drive less and stop contributing to global warming and the greenhouse effect. If you want to learn more about wind energy and also want to learn more on how to help visit


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Wind energy sounds like a great solution to are global warming situation. When do you think the solution will actually be enforced and become a necessity for our fuel?

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