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California high speed rail line starting construction
December 9, 2010, 10:57 pm
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California is learning from London, Paris and other cities in Europe and finally started constructing a high speed rail line. I have lived in California and the public transportation is not the most ideal public transportation. The California high speed rail line is said to connect from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The people in charge of this project are not only trying to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco but they are trying to connect major metropolitan centers in the state. Authority Vice chair Tom Umberg said, “We’re in the business of connecting major metropolitan centers across our state.” He also said that, “We won’t have a true high-speed rail system until we tie every part of this state together.” This is not only a plus for the environment because people will start to drive cars less but also helps the economy because it gives Californians jobs they drastically need. Also, people will soon stop taking less flights from Los Angeles to San Francisco and also reducing oil consumption. Once the California high speed rail line is open I will be one of the first people to try and ride this new high speed rail line.


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Nice! I am also very excited for this. I am originally from the bay area so i would definitely benefit from a new high speed transportation. When are they projecting to be completed?

Comment by wesleywilliam

Unfortunately the project is projected to be completed in 2025 but when the project is complete it will be much easier for people to travel from San Fransisco to Los Angeles. The projects ultimate goal is to have the high speed rail line go from Sacramento to San Diego so hopefully this project can be done early.

Comment by Joseph L. Lopez

wow this is cool. Being from europe ive had the hardest time adapting to taking a car everywhere so ill definitely be using this new system o transportation!

Comment by mirjammeili

Yes I am very excited for this project to because I am tired of all the traffic Los Angeles has so hopefully this will reduce traffic in Los Angeles.

Comment by Joseph L. Lopez

This is really interesting! Do you know how long he train ride will take from LA to San Fransisco?

Comment by spencerboring

I don’t know the exact time it will take but the estimate speed for the train is said to be 220 mph. So train ride will take less time than a car drive up to San Fransisco.

Comment by Joseph L. Lopez

I am also very excited about hearing this, but are there any other details? How many stops will there be, how much will the tickets cost, etc. Also, I do not think this will have any effect on traffic in Los Angeles, as it sounds like an alternative to air travel rather than car travel. I am curious to hear more details.

Comment by itsagamble

Right now there are not much details on ticket costs but so far for right now the rail line will include two stations at Fresno and Hanford. This will eventually form the core of the line between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and will allow gradual expansion north towards Merced and San Jose, and south to Bakersfield.

Comment by Joseph L. Lopez

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