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Wind Energy is the way to Go!
December 10, 2010, 9:09 pm
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Everyone knows what happened with the BP oil spill and it would have never happened if America was so addicted to oil. This cartoon made me pro wind energy even more. Wind energy would never cause the damage the BP oil spill did. Many however are still against wind energy. Yes, wind energy is a little expensive but the price of wind turbines is going down every year. Yes, wind turbines are quite noisy but the wind turbines wouldn’t be around neighborhoods. The only way wind turbines would increase noise pollution is if you lived a few hundred meters away but I don’t think anyone will live next to wind turbines. Yes, wind is unreliable and unpredictable but what other renewable energy source is as efficient as wind energy. For example, solar energy installation requires a large area for the system to be efficient in providing a source of electricity. Also, geothermal energy has low number of suitable locations for a power plant and will not be able to provide enough energy for the entire united states population. And finally nuclear energy is too risky. Nuclear energy can have catastrophic  effects if there were an accident to occur. We wouldn’t want another Chernobyl disaster because of a nuclear power plant accident. Wind energy is the safest and most reliable of all the renewable energy sources. Wind energy would never cause any catastrophic disasters and that is why wind energy is the best of all renewable energy sources.


California high speed rail line starting construction
December 9, 2010, 10:57 pm
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California is learning from London, Paris and other cities in Europe and finally started constructing a high speed rail line. I have lived in California and the public transportation is not the most ideal public transportation. The California high speed rail line is said to connect from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The people in charge of this project are not only trying to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco but they are trying to connect major metropolitan centers in the state. Authority Vice chair Tom Umberg said, “We’re in the business of connecting major metropolitan centers across our state.” He also said that, “We won’t have a true high-speed rail system until we tie every part of this state together.” This is not only a plus for the environment because people will start to drive cars less but also helps the economy because it gives Californians jobs they drastically need. Also, people will soon stop taking less flights from Los Angeles to San Francisco and also reducing oil consumption. Once the California high speed rail line is open I will be one of the first people to try and ride this new high speed rail line.

Controversey: Non-renewable energy sources
December 9, 2010, 9:01 pm
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As we know America is addicted to oil. We are dependent on coal and oil. Both coal and oil emissions release carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming. Every time we drive our cars we are contributing to global warming. Americans have to find a new way of energy. The best nonrenewable source of energy is wind energy. Wind energy is a great source of energy because it does not contribute to global warming and also does not generate pollution.  Wind Energy is also a more permanent type of energy. The wind will exist till the time the sun exists, which is roughly another four billion years. One of the early problems with wind energy was that it was kind of expensive but since the eighties the price of wind energy has gone down by at least eighty percent. Wind energy is the best kind of energy because wind is everywhere, we can place wind turbines where there is a lot of wind and create a lot of energy.  Wind energy can also be the answer to the globe’s question of energy in the face of the rising petroleum and gas prices. The only way we as citizens can help right now is to drive less and stop contributing to global warming and the greenhouse effect. If you want to learn more about wind energy and also want to learn more on how to help visit