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November 3, 2010, 3:26 pm
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The greenpeace organization is a great way for people to not only get informed on current news on the environment but to also get involved. The blog has many features that helps its audience be engaged with the website. One of the prominent features in the website is that they have an application for Google Earth; it is very interesting how they have incorporated that application into their website. The Google Earth application helps the audience know where the current Green Peace ships are around the world. Another interesting feature is they have a lot of advertisements for teenagers to get involved in the community and to join Green Peace. This means that Green Peace is trying to have people get involved with the community and help the community become safer. One feature I found very fun was the climate culture calculator in the blog. The calculator can estimate how much carbon dioxide we can save just by biking to work or driving less.

The reason I think the blog has become so successful is because the website really engages with the audience. The audience gets to feel like they have a very important role in trying to help the environment. The organization does not only have a blog, but their audience can follow them on twitter, facebook, flickr, and also youtube. In order to be a successful blog, the blog must connect with the audience and that is exactly what the greenpeace organization does and that is why it is one of top environmental blogs in the world.



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