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Poo Power
October 8, 2010, 9:50 pm
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Have you ever wondered what human waste can do? Or how your own waste can help humans? Well a city in the UK produced gas from human waste. They used human waste to heat up their homes. According to an article on BBC news, up to 200 homes used biomethane (human waste) from the sewage that was flushed three weeks to heat up their homes. Human waste is a renewable source so unless humans suddenly extinct we will have an endless supply of human waste. Usually countries use coal to heat up homes and the process of producing coal or extracting coal harms the environment. Not only does the process of extracting coal destroys the land but it also contributes to global warming. Coal lets off carbon dioxide when it is in use and the carbon dioxide depletes our ozone layer therefore letting in more heat from the sun creating global warming. Human waste does not let out any carbon dioxide but it is more costly process. However, instead of using money for the war in the Middle East, the United States should invest into using biomethane and contribute to stopping Global Warming. The UK so far has been successful in this process and in 2011 plan to heat up 500 more homes in Manchester. It is amazing what human waste can really do.

Poo power Facts

  • The average person produces 30kg sewage (once dried) per year that could be used for producing gas.
  • The UK produces 1.73 million tonnes of sewage sludge every year, which could potentially be used to produce biogas.
  • Hypothetically, if all of the UK’s 9,600 sewage treatment facilities in the UK were fitted with this type of technology, they could provide enough renewable gas for up to 350,000 homes.

Source: Thames Water


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