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One fifth of plants are at risk of extinction
October 1, 2010, 12:05 pm
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Have you ever noticed when you are around lots of plants and you take a deep breath, you feel the fresh air go into your nose and it feels good, that is because you are receiving fresh oxygen the plants are letting out. Then why would we want to destroy the one thing that helps us survive. Plants are essential to our survival, as you probably already know we as human beings need oxygen to survive and our main source of oxygen are from plants. Plants not only give us oxygen but they help clean the air because they take in carbon dioxide and that helps reduce smog. However, one fifth of the world’s plants are at risk of extinction. Now why would we want to kill off our main source of life? The Amazon forest in Brazil every year is decreasing more and more because of deforestation. The Amazon forest is said to be called the “lung” for the earth. We need to realize that at the rate we are going we will destroy most of the plants on this earth and have horrible air quality and cause more asthma attacks and also respiratory problems. How can you help you may ask? The easiest way a person can help is simply by reducing, reusing and recycling. Just by following those steps we can save many plants from being extinct.


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