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Hottest Day Recorded In LA
October 1, 2010, 11:43 am
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On Monday September 27th, 2010 I woke up and decided to wear some basketball shorts and a regular t-shirt. As I am walking to class I am already sweating, I had barely walked about one block and I can feel my back sweating like if I had just finished basketball practice. Monday September 27th 2010 was said to be the hottest day recorded in Los Angeles at 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Unless you are from Arizona or the Mojave Desert, a person from Los Angeles has never experienced a heat wave like this. One of the important things to know about a heat wave is that it can be hazardous to the people with respiratory problems. I was reading a blog post posted by saying that the” hot, humid air turns the emissions from cars and coal fired power plants into ground level ozone, or otherwise known as smog.” Smog is what causes us to have a sore throat throughout the day or even worse an asthma attack. Air quality has gotten worse throughout the years. This graph can show you how the air quality has risen the past couple years.

Air quality the past couple years

Can we really not live without cars? One way we can easily reduce this problem is simply just by biking to places that are not far away. For example, I have family members whose grocery store is one block down but they still use their car to get there. Is it really necessary to use a car to go everywhere?

We as a society first need to realize the problem and then try to fix the problem. I am trying to help people realize the problem of smog, now it’s just time for us to fix the problem.


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